10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Spring Shirts, Shave Bowls, & More

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Proof that style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s our monthly list of ten picks, each individually costing less than seventy five bucks. Got a tip on something for under $75? Send those in to [email protected]


J. Crew Factory Short-sleeve flex washed casual shirt – $35ish

J. Crew Factory Short-sleeve flex washed casual shirt

Lobster shirt is this year’s Shark shirt. Slim fit here. That helps. Don’t want a billowing thing. And while we’re on lobsters… I’ve never understood why they’re considered a delicacy. They’re sea scorpions. Picture this with me: One night you go to the fridge for a midnight snack, and from some dark corner of your kitchen you see a freaking LOBSTER scurry across the floor. You’d be dead on your feet before the leftover lasagna dish you were holding hits the floor. So yeah. We don’t eat creepy crawly things. Unless they come from the sea? Beats me.


Old Navy Twill Jogger Shorts – $24 ($26.99)

Old Navy Twill Jogger Shorts

You won’t be able to escape the drawstring shorts trend this summer. They were already getting popular over the last couple years, and then a year of sweatpants hit and… bang. Thankfully, these aren’t terry material. Twill instead. A bit cooler and crisper for warm days.


Spier and Mackay Linen Shorts – $58

Spier and Mackay Linen Shorts

And now something much more dressed up. Which isn’t possible, because they’re shorts, but they’re still pretty smart looking all the same. 100% linen. 2-point closure looks pretty stylish. Sorta… old-Hollywood? Did Deano ever wear shorts by the pool at the Sands?


Banana Republic Core Temp Chore Coat – $64.26 ($119)

Core Temp Chore Coat

Was just 46% – 52% off during their spring refresh sale. Should drop under our $75 self imposed ceiling the next time they run a (standard) 40% off deal. Core temp everything! Because a denim jacket can be hard to wear with jeans. Terrific potential here as a three season jacket.


Wipebook Pro+ – $45

Wipebook Pro+

For the note takers. The doodlers. The worriers. I took a look around the Dappered home offices the other day and just started counting the post-it notes. BECAUSE WHAT IF I FORGET, GUYS. I was horrified. This should help clear up clutter, is easy to erase when tasks are done, and heck if it all gets too much? Close it. Close the damn cover. Close. It.


Allen Edmonds Polka Dot Merino Cool Dress Socks – $14.63 ($19.50)

Allen Edmonds Polka Dot Merino Cool Dress Socks

The big Anniversary Sale ends today, and one more reminder that it’s more than just shoes. These merino cool socks, made here in the USA by Wigwam, are tremendous. More cushioning than a standard dress sock but still not thick. And the dot pattern here is a nice way to mix things up without going full craaaaazzzzzaaay socks!


Vikings Blade The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl – $19.97

Vikings Blade The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl

Via our man Aaron K.: When I was a kid, I remember seeing my grandfather shave with a beaten-up, wood-handled brush and a cup of lather. In an effort to turn around the rather unpleasant task that shaving had become, I decided to switch to a more classic setup, like my grandfather. While a safety razor is optional, making one’s own shaving lather with a brush and a bowl makes shaving a more enjoyable ritual, and much less mundane. Plus, brushing lather into one’s scruff is, in this shaver’s opinion, much more pleasant than the *pshhhhht* & wipe from a can. There are a myriad of equipment options out there, and I settled on this bowl from Vikings Blade. Dubbed ‘The Chairman,’ it can be had in Standard (3” diameter, and seen here) or Large sizes (Large offering a 3.55” diameter and 2x the the depth of the Standard). The standard isn’t particularly big, but works great for the cream & brush that I use. The bowl is made of a slightly textured stainless steel to help with grip and frothing up the shave cream/soap. If you’re worried about dropping & breaking a ceramic shave bowl in the bathroom, The Chairman’s got you covered. After 2 years of use, this one still looks great. I’m guessing this bowl will pretty much last forever.


Banana Republic Factory Water Resistant Mac ($95.99) + some cheap socks ($7.98) = $50.78 w/ TAKE50

Banana Republic menswear

Here’s how this works. BR Factory is running a quiet $50 off $100 code right now (TAKE50) and those timeless macs are pretty close to the $100 threshold. Tested this out, and it seems like clearance items do in fact, count towards the $100 total. So, by getting a pair of cheap socks, you send that $95.99 mac over the edge of the $100 level, and fifty bucks comes off. Macs are so great. Nowhere near as showy as a trench, and immensely versatile. Wear it with everything from joggers to suits. Really. Big thanks to Derek B. for the tip here!


Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry – $14.69

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

Our monthly book suggestion from Jeremy Anderberg, who among other things works for Art of Manliness, but also has his own terrific “What to Read Next” newsletter. You should sign up for it. Here’s his review: “With the passing of American legend Larry McMurtry, you may have seen Lonesome Dove getting more attention as of late. It’s an epic, 800-page Western novel, which may seem awfully intimidating at first blush. Here’s my promise, though: it’s the most readable 800 pages you’ll ever encounter. At the core of the story are retired Texas Rangers Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call. They operate a little ranch on the southern border of Texas and decide to make a big cattle drive up to the ever-green pastures of Montana. Though the backdrop is that of a Western, the book is really about these two old friends trying to find some adventure, and even contentment, after the apex of their careers have passed. As with all of McMurtry’s work, it’s the characters and the dialogue that make the novel shine. Lonesome Dove is the Western against which all other Westerns are to be judged and it’s one of my all-time favorites. (Don’t sleep on the other three books, either. They’re all very good.)”


Slim Baird McNutt Irish Linen Shirt – $89.50

Slim Baird McNutt Irish Linen Shirt

Over the $75 threshold for now, but with J. Crew there’s always another promo headed down the line. Drops to $62.50 with a 30% off code. Fingers crossed for one of those (or better) in the not too distant future. Big thanks to Roy G. for the suggestion here, who said they’re really nicely done, and yes while spendy, are available to be had on sale from time to time.

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