10 Best Rucksack For Travelling in India 2020

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Are you feeling confused about choosing the best rucksack for travelling in India? If yes, then it is no more intricate for you. We are going to simplify the selection of an ideal rucksack bag for you.

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Many people get confused between the rucksack and backpack. Both terms are different, but they can be used interchangeably because both bags’ motive is the same. The significant difference between both is regarding the size and shape of the bags.

What is Rucksack?

A rucksack is a most sturdy bag that is a perfect companion for hikers, trekkers, adventurers, campers, and around the world trips. The expression rucksack has derived from the German word ‘Rucken’ that means back, and ‘sack’ stands for a bag [1]. So the combination of both words has generated a new term i.e., rucksack. In simple language, the rucksack is a bag to be carried on your back for long adventurer trips.

women carry rucksack bagwomen carry rucksack bag

Our Top Pick

Wildcraft Grey and Orange Rucksack

Stylish leather finished pouch with sufficient storage capacity.

The Wildcraft’s 45 Litres bag is on the top of our list. The grey and orange combination backpack has impressive features for travelers. The most comfortable has made of nylon material that enhances the bag’s durability.

Dimensions: : 57.7 x 35.8 x 6.2 cmItem weight: 4.54 gCapacity – 45 Litres

Highlights of Wildcraft Grey and Orange Rucksack:

The rucksack has made from water-resistant fabric.The price range of the backpack is affordable and nominal.The pack comes with five years manufacturing warranty.

Types of Travelling Rucksack

The travelling Rucksacks have divided into three categories according to their size of capacity and shape. The foremost thing you have to consider when purchasing a new rucksack is your weight capacity. How much amenities are you going to take with you, will let you know the type of your bag.

Small Rucksack 

The bags having capacity up to 30 Litres are regarded as a small rucksack. This type of rucksack is perfect for a one-day trip for hiking and travelling.

Medium Rucksack

The medium rucksack has categorized from 30 Litres to 50 Litres. These lightweight and multi-compartment bags are designed for overnight trips for travelling, hiking, trekking, or camping.

If you are going to tour for 3-4 days, this medium gear will be suitable.

Large Rucksack

All the bags beyond 50 Litres capacity have known as a large rucksack. The large rucksack can store your belongings for multi-days or more than one week trip. A well-organized bag has an adequate facility to store all your stuff for hiking, trekking, camping, or travelling around the world.

Hot Tip: The rucksack size and the gear you are packing depend upon your travel length and the weather conditions of the area. You must take two sets of clothes for 2-4 days trip and 4-5 games for more days along with a pair of shoes as well as warm clothes with you.[2].

Quick Look: Top 5 Best Rucksacks for Travelling in India

Below is the list of top 5 rucksack bag for travelling in India. All bags have distinct features and benefits. Now you have to understand your requirement and then choose the most suitable bag as your comrade.

Features of an Ideal Rucksack Bag

Before buying a rucksack from the above top-listed bags, you must know the common feature of an ideal rucksack. There are immense features of bags that differ from bag to bag. The following are the standard features of the rucksack.


In a rucksack, three kinds of belts are available. The main straps are the compression straps that put your all things on the place and eradicate the amenities’ chance of movements

Besides, back straps and chest straps are to support your body posture. So, always check the type and quality of straps that should be adjustable according to your height.

Numerous Pockets and Compartments

 In a rucksack, you will have many compartments to store your items distinctly. Most of the rucksack offers a separate or detachable shoe compartment to store your pair of shoes.
Similarly, various pockets are also included to manage things to access quickly. So, an ideal bag has many pockets and storage rooms.

Storage Space

Distinct volume capacity rucksacks are available in the market. The space volume of the bags is considered in litres. A rucksack with storage capacity from 60 litres to 80 litres is perfect for long-day tours with adequate storage ability.

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Hip Belt

An ideal rucksack has come with a padded and most comfortable hip belt that distributes the weight and maintain the right balance of carrier.


Normally, the rucksack has used the water-resistant material to manufacturing the bag to protect your belongings from rain and dirt.
But, the fabric covers the light rains. To guard against heavy rains, most of the bags have offered rain covers and a compartment to store the cover when not needed.

List of 10 Best Rucksacks for Travelling in India 2020

The following are our best picks for the Rucksacks for Travelling  in India available in 2020.

1. Wildcraft Grey and Orange Rucksack

Our Top Pick

Wildcraft Rucksack

Wildcraft rucksack is India’s trendy and trustworthy bag for travelling purposes like hiking, trekking, or camping.

Wildcraft rucksack is our topmost favourite bag for travellers. Most comfortable and the lightweight bag has made from nylon material. The multiple compartments and pockets allow you to take all your essential outdoor items with a managed way on your back.

The volume capacity of the rucksack is 45 Litres that is adequate for overnight trips for camping, hiking, and trekking.

Dimensions 57.7 x 35.8 x 6.2 cm
Item weight  4.54 g
Capacity45 Liters


The bag has made from top-quality nylon material.The rucksack has adjustable shoulder and hip straps.The Wildcraft rucksack has five years of manufacturing warranty.Both sides of the bag have mesh pockets to keep water-bottle or umbrella.This rucksack is a kind of top-loading pack.


The rucksack is very durable and lightweight to use long-lasting.The backpack has enough storage capacity to keep all your essential amenitiesThe material used to make this rucksack is water-resistant.


The bag has fewer number of compartments as compared to other rucksacks.

2. Mufubu Presents Get Unbarred Rucksack

Low Budget

Mufubu Presents Get Unbarred Rucksack

Rocky by Polestar is a premium quality product with sufficient storage rooms to make your travel fun and easy.

Mufubu is the second most favourite rucksack in India. The polyester fabric has used for this product. The rucksack has enough space with multi-compartments to store your all items. The lightweight bag has a separate shoe compartment for your convenience.

The Mufubu bag has a lovely color combination that attracts unisex users. Once you buy a bag, you do not need to think about new purchases for many years.

Dimensions 32 x 24 x 65 cm
Item weight 330 g
Capacity55 Litres


The versatile color options are available for Mufubu bags.The rucksack has a multi-compartment facility along with a separate shoe storage room.The water-resistant polyester fabric has used to keep your belongings safe in case of sudden rain.The rucksack has a cap closure facility to maintain a proper balance of commodities. Adjustable shoulder straps and hip belts also provide convenience to take the bag on your back.The rucksack has mesh pockets on both sides of the pack.


The rucksack is very lightweight and has ample space capacity.The price range of the bag is affordable.The polyester fabric has made the bag water-safe and long-term usable.Flexible straps and belts are very comfortable and easy to wear.


The one main compartment is not enough to manage the things. Some inner pockets or rooms should be designed.

3. POLESTAR Rocky Polyester Rucksack

POLESTAR Rocky Polyester Rucksack

A very comfortable and high-quality bag at low budgety.

Polestar Rocky rucksack is a fantastic and ultra-light bag for travellers, hikers, and trekkers to accommodate all their essentials like towels, clothes, and hammock in a backpack. The polyester fabric is the base of the rucksack that lets you use the bag long-lasting.

The spacious bag is designed for unisex with breathable shoulder straps. Polestar is a reliable brand in India for rucksacks.

Dimensions 68 x 34 x 22 cm
Item weight 500 g
Capacity 60 Litres


The rucksack has numerous rooms to store the amenities.The bag has wide and adjustable shoulder straps to maintain a dynamic balance of the weight.The flexible and safe zipper closure facility has used to make the rucksack secure.Premium quality polyester fabric has used to make the bag more durable and water-resistant.Mesh pockets with enough space are designed to keep your bottles and some other items.


The rucksack has ample space to keep your all belongingsThe acceptable price range is suitable for all budget types.The high-quality material makes the bag weightless and durable.


The stitching quality is not very virtuous.

4. Tripole Colonel Rucksack

Tripole Colonel Rucksack

A most spacious and detachable rucksack by Tripole is a very reliable bag for long days tour.

A unique style and detachable bag by Tripole is our next best option for travellers for long days trips. A 12 liters capacity can be separated from the main rucksack for short trips or to make a small backpack.
The bottom portion of the bag also has a wall from the upper room to store your shoes, hammocks, or dirty clothes. The polyester fabric has made the top quality of the product. A rain cover also comes to save your belongings from dirt or water.

Dimensions 32 x 23 x 83 cm
Item weight 2.4 Kg
Capacity80 Litres


The rucksack is fully body supportive with shoulder, hip, and chest straps.The adequately ventilated backside of the bag makes the body breathable.A detachable backpack has designed along with the rucksack.Multiple pockets and separate compartments allow you to manage the stuff very well.The water-resistant polyester fabric makes the bag durable.The versatile color option with different sizes are also accessible.


Three years of manufacturing warranty assures the bag lasts with you very long.A rain cover facility is available to guard your stuff.Adjustable and comfortable straps are straightforward to wear.The quality of the rucksack is reliable.


The price is a bit high.The weight of the rucksack is also a little more as compared to others.

5. Aristocrat Hiking Rucksack

Aristocrat Hiking Rucksack Backpack

Aristocrat rucksack is a small-sized sturdy backpack for short trips with less storage capacity along with you.

Aristocrat is a black colored small size backpack for short term trips. The sturdy bag has made from polyester fabric. The lightweight bag is a regular backpack or rucksack to be used for camping or travelling.

The bag has three main compartments for storage. A separate shoe room and mesh pockets are also included in this spacious backpack. Shoulder straps and hip belt are adjustable and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Dimensions 36 x 24 x 60 cm
Item weight 900 g
Capacity45 Liters


The backpack has three storage rooms to carry your stuff in an organized manner.Polyester material has used to make the bag strong and durable.The backside of the bag has padded for your body comfort.A laptop compartment is also available along with multi-pockets facility.All pockets are secured with zipper-locks.Mesh pockets and hip belts are also there for your convenience.


Hip belt and shoulder straps are adjustable according to your height.High-quality material has made the bag water-resistant.Aristocrat is a reliable product for travelling.The rucksack comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.


Shoulder straps have thin padding.The empty backpack is a bit heavy.

6. Amazon Basics Hiking Backpack

AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack

AmazonBasics backpack has immense storage capacity along with an extension collar if needed for hikers and campers.

A rucksack by AmazonBasics is the best option for hiking and camping. The large space facility comes with multi-compartments and pockets to keep your gear. The internal-frame backpack has secured zipper-locks and adjustable shoulder straps.

The rucksack has made from polyester fabric that lasts very long. The spacious backpack is stylish and sturdy for adventurer tours. The bag has 5 liters of extension space if needed.

Dimensions 15 x 26.2 x 7 inches
Item weight1.96 kg
Capacity55 Liters


The backpack has an internal frame to maintain the right balance of weight.The bag has made of prime quality polyester material.The spacious rucksack has multiple compartments with a zipper-lock facility to store your essentials.The shoulder straps are adjustable according to the height of your body.A 5 ltr optional storage facility is available whenever the need arises.


The rucksack comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.A rain cover is included with a rucksack to protect your belongings from being wet.The versatile size and colour options allure the customers towards it.The water-resistant material makes the bag more sturdy and durable.


The bag is a bit expensive.The weight of an empty bag seems a little bit heavy.

7. MOUNT TRACK Rucksack


A spacious rucksack by Mount Track has a sack opening compartment to store a vast capacity inside.

The Mount Track bag has a sack opening to the main compartment of the rucksack. Fantastic rucksack with an expandable sack for more space has 80 liters volume capacity to store your stuff. A detachable shoe compartment adds the features to this bag.

The nylon material has used to make this rucksack. The backside of the bag has a fiber padded cushioned wall. The shoulder straps and hip belts are also very comfortable and adjustable.
A rain cover is also included to protect your gear from being wet.

Dimensions 87 x 46 x 40 cm
Item weight  1.5 Kg
Capacity80 Litres


The micro rib nylon material has used to manufacture a Mount Track rucksack.The bag has a detachable shoe compartment.The main compartment of the bag has a sack opening facility along with an expandable sack for more space.An adjustable hip belt improves the weight division instead of whole weight on shoulders.A laptop sleeve is also included in this backpack.


The rucksack has a rain cover facility.The bag comes with two years of manufacturing warranty.The bag has secured with zipper-lock tools.Enough storage capacity has offered to keep your amenities store.


Stitching quality needs some improvement.The bag is not suitable for every kind of budget.

8. Hyper Adam Rucksack

Hyper Adam Rucksack Hiking Backpack

A colourful rucksack by Hyper Adam has excellent space with many adjustable straps to perfect body fit.

This Hyper Adam rucksack is a stylish and sturdy bag with a beautiful color combination of sea green and red straps. The polyester made backpack is a good pick for hiking, trekking, camping, or overnight trip. Two compression straps are available to adjust the width of the backpack.

On the front side of the rucksack, a shoe compartment is included just below the front pocket, to easily store your pair of shoes. The lightweight bag has 8 adjustable straps to make the pack fit according to your body.

Dimensions 30.5 x 17.8 x 76.2 cm
Item weight 860 g
Capacity65 Liters


The rucksack has made from high-quality polyester fabric that lasts long.The front pocket and shoe compartment on the front side of the bag are very accessible.Mesh pockets on both sides and 8 adjustable width straps are included in this unique design.Rubber made stud are there to guard the surface of the bag against being rugged.


The bag has made from water-resistant fabric.The lightweight material has used to manufacture this rucksack.Adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps, as well as hip belt, facilitate you to carry bag for long hours.A reliable product that makes your journey easy and enjoyable.


No rain cover is available along with rucksack.Least People are aware of this name.

9.Impulse Inverse Rucksack

Impulse Inverse Blue Rucksack

Impulse Inverse rucksack is a lightweight and colourful bag that comes in versatile colour and sizes.

A bright colour combination of blue, grey, orange and black attract the users to buy Impulse Inverse Rucksack. The high-quality fabric has made the rucksack durable in the long run.

A rain cover is included in this backpack along with a separate compartment to carry it. On both sides, compression straps are available to adjust the bag according to your body fit. The rucksack allows the vast space for the users to store their essentials like clothes, towels, shoes, and hammock for long trips.

Dimensions 61 x 30.5 x 25.4 cm
Item weight 898 g
Capacity65 Liters


The main compartment of the rucksack has a drawstring closure.On the front side, a stylish and eye-catching zip pocket has designed to easy access.The padded backside of the bag has mesh ventilation to airflow.A free rain cover has included in this pack to protect your gear.Compression straps on both sides improve body posture.The s-shaped shoulder straps are adjustable as well as comfortable.


A free of the cost rain cover is available with the backpack. Versatile color and size options are there for different kinds of people.Three months warranty also comes with the purchase of rucksack.The rucksack is very lightweight and durable.


The quality of the rain cover is also not good.The Vertical shaped front pocket is not very useful.

10. TRAWOC Travel Rucksack

TRAWOC Travel Backpack

Trawoc rucksack is a superb and sturdy backpack to store your essential items in zipper-safe compartments.

Our last but not least recommendation is Trawoc rucksack by novicz. A stylish and trendy backpack has adequate storage capacity for your belongings. The backpack has several convenient pockets with zipper lock establishment. 
Multiple straps are also designed to keep the rucksack fit according to your body size and height. The water-resistant fabric keeps your stuff safe from dirt and rain.

Dimensions 25 x 33 x70 cm
Item weight 840 g
Capacity55 Litres


The rucksack has a laptop sleeve in the main compartment.Multiple compartments have a secure zipper facility.A broad and padded waist belt has included making your body comfortable.The rucksack has a mesh style proper ventilation backside for airflow.The backpack has mesh pockets on both sides.


Versatile colour options are present there for distinct users.The rucksack has a year manufacturing warranty.The bag is very lightweight to carry for long hours.The waterproof material makes the pack long-lasting.


No separate shoe compartment is available.A rain cover is also not included in the backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Rucksack for Travelling in India

What is the Difference Between a Backpack and a Rucksack?

The rucksack is a bag that has more features as compared to a backpack. The space capacity is much more along with several pockets and compartments. Compression straps, chest straps, and hip belt also differentiate the rucksack from the backpack.
Moreover, a rucksack is a kind of backpack that is specially designed for hikers, trekkers, campers, adventurers, and around the world tours

best rucksack for travelbest travel rucksack

Are Rucksack Bags Durable?

Yes, most of the rucksack has made from polyester, nylon, or synthetic fabric that makes the bag long-lasting. The premium quality and water-resistant material save the bag from water or rain, and your bag stays long with you.

What is the Use of a Hip Belt for a Rucksack?

A hip belt is handy for a rucksack. This belt distributes the weight from shoulders to the hip area and helps to maintain the right body balance while carrying a bag for long hours.

best rucksack for travelling in Indiatraveling rucksack bag

Final Verdict

No one denies the dramatic role of rucksacks for hikers, trekkers, campers, bikers, or climbers. So, if you are planning an adventure for a couple of days without any budget bar then, Wildcraft Grey and Orange Rucksack and Mufubu Present Get Unbarred Rucksackare the best options for overall facilities.
But, if you are searching for a low price range bag then, POLESTAR Rocky Polyester Rucksack is recommendable for you. For a tour of weeks or a month, Tripole Colonel Rucksack is the best companion with large storage for you.

Please review the suggested rucksacks, find a suitable pick, and let us know your feedback about the best rucksack for travelling in India.

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