Hidesign’s Rockstar Collection Offers Edgy, Unisex Bags And A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Each new collection by Hidesign beholds a promise of plush leather, insightful inspiration and maximum glamour, all coming together into a utilitarian, modern accessory by skilled craftsmanship. The country’s leading leather atelier lives up to this expectation, yet again in their Rockstar collection.

This collection is heavily influenced by the rock’n’roll culture of the 1970s-80s, which is also incidentally when Hidesign was still in its nascent stage. The names of the bags reflect the same – Gothic, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk. The focus is more on adding oodles of oomph and glitz into their bags, along with serving their functional purpose. The brand has made great strides in supporting gender equality, and in fact several bags in this collection have an androgynous appeal.

Lastly, the Rockstar collection also marks the use of two new leathers by Hidesign – Afghan Leather and Glassy Tokyo Leather. Their gold milled leather is unique too and sets the bags apart from the rest. My favorite picks from the collection are given below. The rest of the bags from the collection are given after the press release. I also love the braiding details they have given to the handles of some of the bags. They have also caught on with the micro bag trend. The Punk micro bag is cute as a button!

Hidesign Rockstar Punk Micro

Press Release

Live Life Like A Rockstar

With Hidesign

March 2020: Rebelliousness has always been a part Hidesign’s DNA. The strongest influences for Rock Star collection come from the glitzy era of 70s – 80s when the rock influence was the strongest and it is exactly around that time when Hidesign started out.

“It was a natural inspiration to go back and mine details about the rock stars and their lifestyle for our collection. We are increasingly, as a brand, looking at glamour being an important part of our collections,” shares Dilip Kapur, Founder and President, Hidesign. With the success of the ‘Tender is
the night’ collection that offers an array of glamorous party and evening bags, Hidesign is inviting women to be more than practical and career oriented; she is both and also loves glamour. “Men to us have always been adventurous, and we are continuing the story of these adventurous men by
offering bags that make him stand out, is fashionable but not grungy and very upmarket,” adds Dilip.

Love of metal and glitter drives the glamour in Rock Star collection. The collection inspired by the lifestyle of the rock stars reveals details like woven & braided shoulder straps, solid brass chains, gold milled leather, metal studs & rivets in different sizes. Hidesign also introduces two new leathers – ‘Afghan Leather’ a scratch off leather for a rugged look inspired by the distressed denim and ‘Glossy Tokyo Leather’ that gives the shiny bright and absolutely glamorous bags.

The imagery speaks about the bold and edgy lifestyle of the rock star and celebrates androgyny. We love the sexual ambiguity that comes with our bags and wouldn’t be surprised if see a lot of women carrying our men’s backpack or the gold metallic fanny pack shown off by men.

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