Monday Men’s Sales Tripod – BR makes an Athletic Tapered Traveler Jean, AE Factory 2nds, & More

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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait til the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


Banana Republic: 40% off select w/ FLASH

Banana Republic menswear

Athletic Tapered LUXE Traveler Jean – $77.40 ($129) Slim Tapered LUXE Traveler Jean – $77.40 ($129) Honeycomb Cardigan Sweater – $71.40 ($119) Brushed Waffle-Knit Shirt Jacket – $59.10 ($98.50) Donegal Beanie – $29.70 ($49.50)  Nicklas Leather Sneaker – $82.80 ($138)

FINALLY. After almost eight years (or more), Banana Republic finally took their super soft, very flexible traveler jean fabric…








For crying out loud, that took a while, didn’t it? Yes they still have the slim fits. But to have an athletic tapered, for guys who just can’t (or don’t want to) squeeze into slims? That’s very, very appreciated. Meanwhile, I think this spells the end of their Rapid Movement line. Which is fine, now that there’s Athletic Tapered Travelers.


back to the Tripod.



Allen Edmonds: Extra 20% off Factory 2nds 

Allen Edmonds Shoes

Factory 2nd Strand Oxford – $239.20 ($299) Factory 2nd Fifth Avenue Oxford – $199.25 ($249) Factory 2nd Higgins Mill Weatherproof Boot with Chromexcel Leather – $239.20 ($299)  Factory 2nd Williamsburg Chukka Boot – $159.97 ($199.97)  Factory 2nd Rockies High Weatherproof Boot – $239.20 ($299) 

A late addition to last week’s Thursday handful, so, throwing it in here in case anyone missed it. Obligatory reminder that returns through the post will run you a $25 restocking fee. And these are the scratch and dent models… if you will. Slight cosmetic blemishes that shouldn’t have any impact on how the shoe wears or performs. Some guys love the gamble, while others steer clear.


Lululemon: Warpstreme Commission Pant + ABC Pant Restock – $128

lululemon men's pants

ABC slim or classic 5-pocket warpstreme fabric tech pants – $128 Commission slim or classic warpstreme fabric tech pants – $128

Not cheap. And not on sale, because Lululemon rarely puts these on sale. But quite simply… these are the best. They are the best pants that blend significant tech-performance and real world style (read: they don’t look “techy” or sound *swish swish* techy). And they can’t keep them in stock. They’re in stock now. And they are expensive. The commission pant is a chino style. ABC pant = 5 pocket style. Slim fit is slim, and “Classic” is thankfully more athletic than a ballooning boxy fit. It is impossible to underestimate how much some of us love these things, while simultaneously hating the price. More athletic pant options can be found here.


Also worth a mention…

Bonobos: New spring arrivals starting to roll in Kent Wang: $50 off shoes Nodus: Their Contrail II has been restocked Charles Tyrwhitt: 25% off w/ ACTFAST
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