Monday Men’s Sales Tripod – Wholecuts, New Knit Caps, & More

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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait until the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


Kent Wang: $100 off Dress Shoes (which are being discontinued)

Kent Wang men's dress shoes

Returns are accepted too. Kent Wang has carved out a really nice space in the #menswear world thanks to their rep for making high quality (but not out of reach for most) goods. Their sunglasses, polos, and neckties are of particular note. Kinda a bummer they’re discontinuing their shoes. Almost certain you’ll be on the hook for return shipping. Anyway, when they’re gone they’re gone. Big thanks to Andrew S. for the tip.


Huckberry: Made in Japan Acrylic/Wool/Nylon Beanies are Back – $28

Huckberry beanies

They’re back. And in new colors! No sale, but still worth a mention considering how affordable they are. Flat out terrific. Picked up one of these on a whim last year and it’s seriously impressive. Japanese fabric is just the right weight while feeling good and strong. Sometimes beanies can look good but then slouch and lose shape. Not these things. Perfect fall/winter hats here, and the price is nice and affordable too.


J. Crew: Select “Wear Now Styles” Event  + Extra 30% off sale styles w/ SHOPSALE

J. Crew menswear

The “Wear now styles” event has some (read: some) items getting a heftier discount than even during the labor day sale. Not bad. And a word on those knit jackets: There’s one review saying they run a little big. Not surprising as fits have expanded over the last couple years. Might want to size down or order two sizes and send one back (or both if you don’t like them). And be prepared to head to a tailor. That should be the expectation with most sportcoat/blazer/suit(jacket) purchases. Especially now that we’ve moved away from the shrink wrapped suit/blazer look.


BONUS  BR: 40% off Friends and Family begins Thursday 9/16

Check your snail-mail-box. There might be a mailer in there from BR promoting their upcoming Friends and Family event. Two things…

#1. Yes it’s normally 50% off for F&F. But thems be the times. Between inflation and supply chains creaking, it isn’t too unexpected that many retailers are easing off on mega discounts and sales. Their margins have shrunk due to costs/inflation rising, plus with less stuff on hand, the old supply & demand rule comes into play.

#2. GAP inc. cardmembers get 52% off when they stack the codes BRCARDFF and BRCARD20 at checkout. They also get a one day head start, with the sale opening for them this Wednesday.


Also worth a mention…

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