More small bags, please!

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Many of us are accustomed to toting our big everyday bag around wherever we go; to work, to a restaurant, when we go grocery shopping. For many women it just seems like the most practical thing to do; you keep everything you need in it, and when you grab that same bag every time you leave your home, you know that you have everything you need at all times. However, many of us are becoming ‘small bag converts’ these days. Because once you’ve tried the freedom of darting out the door, handsfree with a small light bag across your shoulder, you will never go back! I am not saying that you can live without your larger bag, but I am suggesting that you leave it at home when you do not need to bring your laptop or any larger items. Choose a smaller bag, which has room for essentials such as your Fold-over wallet, keys, lip balm, hand cream and sunglasses, and you will not miss your large handbag one bit. I guarantee. In fact, I expect you to send me a kind thought, the next time you skip along the sidewalk, unburdened and lighthearted 🙂

Another positive aspect of the smaller bag is that it completes your outfit in a way that a larger bag just doesn’t. When you carry it across your body, it will compliment your outfit in the same way that any other accessory does, such as shoes or a scarf. Have a couple of smaller bags in different colors and experiment!

For now, we want to suggest two bags, which we know you will love. It is the Avery shoulder bag, which has been a favourite for a couple of seasons already, and which we have just launched in green suede (lovely, right!?) and the Rey bag, which is a new bag in our collection. It comes in black, light blue and green. They are both beautiful and practical bags, which are small enough to turn you into a ‘small bag convert’ (if you’re not already one), but large enough to fit everthing you need. Find more small bags on our webshop here.


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