Most Wanted Affordable Style – June 2021

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Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month. You’ll find new arrivals and old favorites, especially good deals, or maybe something pricey to keep an eye on for future sales. The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already. Got a tip on something that deserves to end up in the monthly Most Wanted? Send those in to [email protected]


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool/Linen Blazers – $450

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool/Linen Blazers

Perfect for the heat. Unconstructed, so no lining or heaviness to weigh you down and keep the heat in. Italian fabrics made from either all Linen, or Wool and Linen blends. The Rose Windowpane shown above = 82% Wool, 12% Silk, 6% Linen. Navy Plaid = 65% wool, 27% cotton, 8% linen. There’s gonna be a lot of sloppy lockdown seconds wandering around this summer. Sharpening up a bit could pay big dividends.


New Balance X J.Crew CRT300 V2 Leather Sneakers – $80

New Balance X J.Crew CRT300 V2 leather sneakers

New “Dad” sneakers just in time for Father’s Day. White and grey and leather and suede and bits of blue and… yeah, those’ll do great.


Taylor Stitch The Après Pant – $118

Taylor Stitch The Après Pant

Are these the 2021 version of Hef’s robe? When you’re staying home, but with real purpose for truly relaxing. Not folding laundry while trying to watch a game. No. The real deal. Feet up. Drink made. Book in hand or movie you’ve been meaning to watch on the TV. These might be the official lounge pants of “my phone is off.” Double cloth waffle fabric made from 100% organic cotton. And those brass-tone tipped drawstrings are a small detail, but man are they al kinds of right.


The World Relief by Erstwhile – $275

Erstwhile The World-Relief

It’s back. Been sold out at Huckberry for a while, but it looks like they just got some stock back in. Spendy, but a mighty fine looking piece of wall decor. If you have a proclivity for maps or topography, this piece showcasing the topography of the world’s oceans should fit right in with your aesthetics. Plus the color scheme will work well in a space that utilizes more masculine tones. An investment, but it’s something you’ll have for a very, very long time.


adidas “Summer Blocking” Tiro Jacket – $50

adidas "Summer Blocking" Tiro Jacket

Minty fresh. The new “summer blocking” drop is the latest addition to the well loved Tiro collection. Black, white, and a healthy dose of mint. A really good example of how athleisure can look both modern, but also far from weird or sloppy.

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