My Little Cozmo: Ethical and sustainable kids clothing | Spring 2021

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My Little Cozmo is a charming children's fashion brand from Barcelona, created by two sisters Cristina and Nicole.

The collection consists of clothing for babies aged 0 - 24 months with styles that are casual and unique while also having minimalistic elements and giving a nod to mediterranean prints and colors.

My Little Cozmo believes in the use of environmental and healthy products, therefore the collection is made exclusively with organic cotton.

Shop their gorgeous, Spring collection here.

my little cozmo SS2111275 (Copiar).jpg my little cozmo SS2111357 (Copiar).jpg my little cozmo SS2111666 (Copiar).jpg my little cozmo SS2111715 (Copiar).jpg my little cozmo SS2111894 (Copiar).jpg my little cozmo SS2112157 (Copiar).jpg my little cozmo SS2112553 (Copiar).jpg my little cozmo SS2112092 (Copiar).jpg
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