The most expensive clothing brands in the world


Stylish means are expensive. The price of clothing brands is the main criterion for their quality. Top clothing brands closely follow fashion trends and are often ahead of them. Everyone wants to look elegant and unique. From world stars to ordinary people. Which brands cost more?

Top 6 Expensive Clothing Brands

  1. Gucci

The most expensive brand in the world is Gucci. The products of this company are known to everyone. The company was founded in 1921 by the famous fashion designer Guccio Gucci. He gave the brand its name. Later, the range expanded significantly. In addition to outerwear, the company began to produce accessories, perfumes, and even interior items. The value of the company exceeds 12 billion US dollars. The company is constantly growing. New boutiques open every year.

  1. Chanel (Chanel)

The well-known French brand has been storming the leading positions for several years now but is still inferior to its Italian competitor. The company puts emphasis on the production of luxury goods. In addition to clothing, the company manufactures accessories, glasses, jewelry, and even watches. The company was founded in the 20th century by the famous Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Most of the brand’s boutiques are located in North America. In Europe, they are almost 2 times less. The third place is firmly held by Asia. The well-being of the population in these countries is only growing every year.

  1. Prada

What is the devil wearing? Interest Ask. The answer is a film dedicated to the Italian fashion house, Prada. The company was founded in 1913 in Milan. The Italian metropolis is the heart of the fashion world. Celebrities and rich people from all over the world flock here for shows. Prada makes clothes, accessories, perfumes, and even interior items. Last year, revenues exceeded $900 million. This allowed the company to confidently gain a foothold in the top three. Prada has more ambitions. The leadership has repeatedly stated its desire to break through to the very top.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana

A newcomer among the old-timers. Young age does not prevent the company from confidently entering the TOP-5 clothing brands. The brand is expensive. The company has been manufacturing perfumes, things, and accessories since 1985. Headquarters in Milan. Boutiques are located all over the world. The company is still owned by the founders, who develop the main direction in clothing.

  1. Giorgio Armani (Armani)

Another “Italian” from the list. The company was founded by Sergio Galeotti and Giorgio Armani in 1975. Now the brand owns 13 factories around the world. The main focus is clothing, accessories, and watches. Together with Loreal, the company also launched the production of cosmetics. According to the results of 2005, this brand was named the fastest-growing.

  1. Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs)

A young American brand that is rapidly storming the Olympus of world fashion. The company was founded in 1984 by Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy. At first, the company made only clothes, but later the range expanded. The line includes shoes, accessories, and decorative cosmetics.


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