The Real Reason Flight Attendants Greet Every Single Passenger Individually

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Got a flight coming up? Don't go getting a big head. TikTok star and flight attendant Kat Kamalani has a video that might destroy your ego.

How? She reveals why flight attendants always awkwardly stand at the entrance of the plane and greet every single customer, looking them up and down as they do so.

And it's not because they are flirting.

Kamalani says the real reason is safety.

"When you're walking on the airplane and see our happy, smiley face we're actually looking you up and down and trying to find our ABPs (able bodied people)," she said in a recent TikTok video.

"This is people who are going to help us in an emergency. For example: military personnel, fire fighters nurses doctors, cops etc."

Other flight attendants like @cierra_mistt have said the same thing, explaining that while you might think they are being friendly, they are actually "judging you hardcore."

This crushed a number of TikTok users' hopes and dreams.

From "I always thought they smiled a little too hard" to "I always thought they were politely greeting us" (to "how can you tell someone is a doctor just by looking at them") there were a lot of comments beneath Kamalani's video.

Another said: "I caught one looking me up and down, thought she disapproved of my Adidas bottoms and comfy top for flying."

Others experienced less of an ego death, writing things like: "So basically the flight attendant is checking me out ;)."

Yet others said, if the uncomfortable shoes were on their feet: "I'd be looking for the cute guys."

Speaking of searching, Kamalani said "we're also looking for one more thing."

"Besides looking for things that don't belong on a plane – like a box full of liquid... we're looking for human trafficking, it happens a lot and our passenger safety is our number one priority so we're just looking for things that look off."

There you have it – that's why flight attendants always stand at the doors of the plane and greet you. It's not just because they don't trust you to find your seat.

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