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2017 Spring Collection: Embrace the Season’s Hottest Fashion Trends



2017 Spring Collection

2017 Spring Collection, it’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe with some new threads. The designs, colours, and patterns seen in the 2017 spring collection are guaranteed to give your closet a much-needed facelift. This article will walk you through the essentials and main trends of the 2017 spring season, from vivid flower designs to subtle pastel tones.

1. Blooming in Florals

Floral prints are the epitome of springtime. Flowers were a major trend for 2017 collections, as designers looked to nature for inspiration. Floral designs were widely seen on the runways, appearing on everything from formal gowns to casual shirts. Participate in the current flower craze and dress more femininely.

2. Pretty in Pastels

The 2017 spring collection had a widespread use of pastel colours, which lent an air of delicate sophistication. Pastel colours, from ethereal lilacs to calming mint greens, lent an air of effortless grace to each ensemble. Wearing something pastel, such a top or a skirt, is a great way to ease into the warmer months.

3. Stripes: Classic with a Twist

Stripes are a traditional pattern that got a fresh update for 2017. The spring collection was infused with vitality and fun thanks to the use of bold, colourful stripes on everything from pants to shirts. Participate in the trend by wearing clothes with bold stripes.

4. Off-the-Shoulder Elegance

The 2017 spring collection saw the continuation of the off-the-shoulder style. This style choice shows off the perfect amount of flesh for a touch of class. Dresses and tops without sleeves are ideal for the balmy evenings of spring.

5. Athleisure: Fashion Meets Comfort

Athleisure was a major trend in the fashion industry in 2017. Itwas a fashion trend that combined athletic wear (such leggings, shoes and hoodies) with more conventional streetwear. This combination of form and function allowed people to seem put-together and stylish without sacrificing practicality.

6. Denim Daze

As expected, denim was heavily featured in the spring 2017 collection. Denim was the star of the show, from worn-in denim jackets to flared pants. Wearing denim is a certain way to look cool and casual, and it will never go out of style.

7. Ruffles and Frills

For spring 2017, designers brought back ruffles and frills for an air of playfulness and romanticism. Dresses, blouses, and skirts were all embellished with these fanciful details, giving them a sweet, ladylike air. Add ruffles to your clothes for a feminine and alluring look.

8. Statement Accessories

The correct accessories can make or break an ensemble. Bold jewellery and other accessories were all the rage in 2017. It was common to accessorise with bold pieces like long necklaces, dangling earrings, and colourful scarves.

9. Sheer Delicacy

The 2017 spring collection was given an airy and enticing quality by the use of sheer materials. This style shift, which included everything from translucent tops to gowns with see-through accents, struck a nice mix between demureness and sensuality. Embrace the trend of pure delicacy to make eye-catching and thought-provoking outfits.

10. Jumpsuits: Effortless Style

In 2017, jumpsuits remained a popular trending option. Jumpsuits are convenient and simple to style, offering a sleek and modern appearance. This one-piece marvel will keep you looking chic without much effort, whether it’s a fitted jumpsuit for a formal occasion or a casual one for a day out.


The 2017 spring collection was a veritable melting pot of styles and trends meant to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Every new style added something special to the fashion world, from fresh flowers to classic denim. Embrace this season’s most talked-about styles and see your sense of own style blossom.

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Haircut 3 Sides: The Versatile and Stylish Choice




Haircut 3 Sides

Those who have given thought to chopping off three inches from each side of their Haircut 3 Sides have probably heard the phrase “haircut 3 sides.” What does it contain, and why is it so well-liked, though? This essay will provide you all the knowledge you need to make a well-informed decision about this multipurpose haircut by delving into its many facets.

I. Introduction

What is a Haircut 3 Sides?

The three-cut, or “fade” or “taper,” is a popular and contemporary hairstyle characterised by short sides and back and longer hair on top. The name “3 sides” comes from the fact that the haircut features three different lengths (the sides, the back, and the top). This fashion has a nice and tidy look, making it appropriate for a wide range of occasions.

II. Types of Haircut 3 Sides

A. The Classic Taper

The timeless classic taper haircut shortens hair on the back and sides as it moves down the head. It’s a refined and understated choice that fits in equally well in formal and relaxed settings.

B. The High and Tight

In contrast to the lengthier top, the high and tight haircut 3 sides has short sides and back. This style is loved by people who want to make a statement with their appearance.

C. The Fade

The fade is a modern take on the classic “3-sides” hairstyle. It has very short sides and longer hair on top that blends in seamlessly. The fade is a popular haircut because it provides a sleek and tidy look.

III. Why Choose a Haircut 3 Sides

A. Versatility

The adaptability of the 3-side cut is a major selling point for those considering getting one. The length and texture up top are freely modifiable to suit your taste. It’s a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

B. Low Maintenance

The minimal upkeep required by this look is impressive. This cut is ideal for people who are often on the go since it requires less time to maintain than longer hairstyles.

IV. How to Maintain a Haircut 3 Sides

A. Regular Trims

A. Routine Maintenance It’s important to get your 3-side haircut trimmed on a regular basis to keep it looking neat. Maintaining a well-groomed look requires regular trips to the barbershop.

B. Styling Tips

The 3-side cut is easy to style. To add texture and volume, apply a tiny quantity of product to the top of your hair and work it in with your fingers.

V. Getting the Perfect Haircut 3 Sides

A. Choosing a Barber

The key to getting the best possible haircut on all three sides is picking a professional barber. Find a barber who has experience with cutting in this fashion for advice.

B. Communicating Your Preferences

Be specific about your wants and needs when you visit the barber. Talk to your stylist about the length of your top and the look you’re going for. If you go to a skilled barber, he or she will give you a cut that works with your features.

VI. Celebrities Who Rock a Haircut 3 Sides

A. Brad Pitt

Several iterations of the 3-sides haircut have been noticed on Brad Pitt. His natural and tough approach to this hairstyle has only increased its popularity.

B. David Beckham

David Beckham is another well-known superstar who always looks his best thanks in part to his signature three-sided haircut. His pristine beauty has been an inspiration to many.

VII. Conclusion

In conclusion, a haircut 3 sides is a fashionable and adaptable option that works for many people. This haircut, whether you wear it high and tight, in a traditional taper, or fade, will have you looking sharp and current in no time. Keep your look fresh with frequent trims and don’t forget to tell the barber what you want. If you’re ready for a new appearance, the 3-side cut is a great option.


1. How often should I get a haircut 3 sides?

It’s suggested to have a trim every two to three weeks to keep the cut looking fresh.

2. Can women get a haircut 3 sides?

Without a doubt, ladies can sport a “3-sider” with all the swagger and confidence of a man.

3. What face shape suits a haircut 3 sides best?

This cut is a popular option since it can be adjusted to look well on a wide range of facial profiles.

4. Is the fade the same as a haircut 3 sides?

The fade is similar to the 3-side cut, but it differs in that the length of the hair gradually increases from the back.

5. Can I style my haircut 3 sides differently for special occasions?

There’s no doubt that you may create a one-of-a-kind style for formal occasions by experimenting with various styling tools.

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Keeping It Cool And Casual: Dressing For Dubai’s Hot Weather




Dear Reader! Are you planning to visit Dubai in the summer?  Are you a Dubai resident? Can’t you decide what to buy for the summer season in Dubai? Do you know how extremely hot the weather conditions are in Dubai? What should I wear in the summer? Dressing For Dubai’s Hot Weather. How can I look cool and modest by wearing something casual in Dubai’s hot weather? Do you want to look cool by staying cool? Well, I am here with the answers to guide you on what to wear and what to not. I hope this article will help you to decide what to buy for summer in Dubai. You can get your favorite summer wear from Tommy Hilfiger in Dubai at a discounted rate by using the Tommy Hilfiger coupon code.

  • What Are The Rules Of Dressing In Dubai?

In the UAE, there are some rules and regulations for dressing yourself. Since it is an Islamic state, they have implemented some rules to be followed as they respect Islamic values and culture. In Islam, men and women should wear decent clothes that cover their bodies. Especially for women, wearing a hijab and covering the body with loose clothes is mandatory. Most of the UAE residents follow this rule and cover their bodies in public places to look modest and show respect for their culture. The rule is not strict for the visitors, they can follow their rules to show a gesture of respect to their culture. The only rule of dressing in Dubai’s public places is that;

  • Cover Your Shoulders And Knees

It means you can wear anything that covers your shoulders and knees. That means you can’t wear deep V-neck shirts, short skirts, and dresses in public that expose your body parts. This rule is only implemented in public places in Dubai. While visiting mosques in Dubai, it is mandatory to cover your head with a scarf to show respect for your religion. While on Dubai beaches, you can wear anything you want including shorts, swimsuits, bikinis, or anything you want. But you have to change and follow the dress code before leaving the beach area. 

  • Casual Dressing Ideas For Men In Dubai’s Hot Weather

Are you tired of picking the same suffocating shirt from your wardrobe? Do you want to go shopping in the summer? Do you know what fabric you should wear for Dubai’s hot weather? Let’s discuss the style and fabric you need to add to your wardrobe for summer. These are some qualities of the perfect dressing in Dubai’s weather;

  • Wear something loose and beat the weather’s heat by staying cool all day.
  • Wear something breathable; the fabric you pick to wear for Dubai’s hot weather should let the air pass through to avoid any suffocation. 
  • Add loose trousers to your bucket to have a comfortable feel in the summer.
  • Wear clothes made of thin fabrics including lawn, cotton, and linen.
  • Prefer wearing sandals and slippers to stay comfortable in the hot weather of Dubai.
  • Cover your body nicely to protect yourself from the hot sun in Dubai.

  • Casual Dressing Ideas For Women In Dubai’s Hot Weather

What should women wear to beat the hotness of Dubai’s weather? How can you look modest and cool by wearing something casual in Dubai? Do you need some tips to style your look for summer in Dubai? Don’t think you can’t look hot in Dubai by following their specific dress code. You can still look hot by following some of the tips I am going to share in this article. Dress casually and style yourself in a way to inspire others with your dressing sense. Let’s discuss what to wear to deal with the hotness of Dubai’s weather;

  • Choosing fabric for your clothing is a big factor to beat the hotness of the summer. Go for lightweight fabrics while buying something for summer. Pick something in Cotton, linen, and silk, and avoid synthetic fabrics. These fabrics are breathable and let the air cross through them. They not only protect you from suffocation but you can also stay comfortable to work all day in Dubai’s hot weather. 
  • Go for loose and flowy dresses. They are in trend these days and allow air to pass through, thus preventing you from getting suffocated by the hot weather.
  • Wear light-weighted tops with short sleeves with a long skirt or trousers. If you want your skin protection from the harmful rays of the sun, wear tops with long sleeves.
  • Avoid wearing jeans fabric as it is the heaviest fabric and may cause suffocation in the hot weather of Dubai. Wearing long skirts, trousers and soft textured bottoms is a good choice to wear in Dubai’s hot weather.
  • Don’t wear a lot of jewelry and makeup as it may annoy you in summer as they are suffocating. Look decent by wearing less and more comfortable clothes.
  • Wear comfortable and breathable shoes including sandals and slippers.
  • Wear a gown or an abaya with a head scarf if you plan to wear Dubai mosques as it shows a gesture of respect for their religion. 
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing as it is necessary to cover your shoulders and knees in Dubai.

Dressing For Dubai

  • Where To Find The Best Summer Clothes In Dubai?

There are many shopping malls in Dubai to get your summer shopping done to beat Dubai’s heat. You can pick something cool at a reasonable price by availing of the deals and discounts they offer. If you don’t want to visit the shopping malls and local markets, you have the option of online shopping in Dubai through different online platforms including NOON, Amazon, and many more. You can havee much more of your interest even with a little budget. Get designer clothes to enjoy the summers in Dubai by shopping through The Outnet and get your favorite clothes, handbags, and shoes at a reasonable price. Avail the discount on your shopping by using The Outnet code in UAE Outnet Online store.


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