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Perfectionism is among the most damaging diseases that affect American kids today. The sword of perfection is double-edged. One aspect of the sword pushes youngsters Addiction to be flawless. Children strive to achieve perfect grades as well as be elite athletes and help save the world at weekends. Another side to the blade is I’ve not met a perfectionist who was happy. They aren’t happy because they’ll never be perfect.

Jim Taylor, Ph.D. is a professor in the University of San Francisco. His area of expertise is the psychology of Addiction sports, business and parenting. Jim has served as consultant to and offered group and individual coaching for business executives and executives. Jim has served as drug rehab west Virginia consultant on behalf of both the United States and Japanese Ski Teams and USA Triathlon, the United States Tennis Association, and USA Triathlon has been invited as a speaker from several of the Olympic commissions from The U.S., Spain, France and Poland.

What is Perfectionism?

Children who are obsessed with perfection set excessively high expectations for themselves and trying to achieve a goal they’ll never be able to achieve. They believe the notion that any less than perfect is not acceptable. If they do not achieve those impossible standards, they criticize themselves in a cruel way. The children who are perfect are never satisfied with their work regardless of how objectively they do and will punish themselves for not being perfect. When I spoke with students from high school recently, one girl in the audience told me how she got 100 points on a recent test which also gave ten extra credit points. She scored seven of the ten points , for an overall score of 107 points out of 100. Yet, the three extra credit points she missed was consuming her since!

In the midst of perfectionists is the threat that If children don’t have everything. They want they won’t be loved by their parents. them. This is because children relate whether they’re perfect with their self-esteem. Being perfect is a sign of the extent to. Which they believe they are important people worthy of respect and love. The price that children think they have to pay if do not meet. Their standards is enormous and could be devastating such as anxiety. Depression and eating disorders, drug abuse and even suicide.

Perfection and Popular Culture

In addition, children do not alcohol rehab near me have to be perfect throughout their lives in order to be perfectionists. They just need to be flawless in the areas they are passionate about. Such as there are schoolmates with messy rooms, or sports stars who don’t bother with their schoolwork.

Our society is a society that is obsessed with the pursuit of perfection. Our culture has elevated the concept of success to an absurd level where being good isn’t anymore enough. Kids must now strive towards to be in the Ivy Leagues or the pros Addiction. They should earn plenty of money, and own the perfect home and perfect automobile. We also believe in the altar of perfection in physical appearance. Children are bombarded with images of people who have perfect bodies. Perfect facial features with perfect hair and beautiful teeth,/ as shown by the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery as well as reality shows like Extreme Makeover.

Perfectionism and Failure

While it seems that perfectionist children are driven by the desire to be successful however their primary motive in life is to avoid failure. Because they see failure as a sign of inadequacy and loss Addiction of affection. They see failure as a vicious creature that stalks them at every time they go out. If they take even a minute and fail, they’ll be devoured by failure , and that’s unacceptable.

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