KSK Woods Characteristics: detailed


If you’ve had the chance to browse our website we’re sure you’d recognize. A lot all of the slabs of hardwood we offer. Teak is, naturally among the most famous solid woods. Suar is now highly sought-after due to its amazing patterns. And even if not familiar, it shouldn’t be difficult to imagine that Rubberwood originated out of rubber tree.

However, we’re aware that a lot of our customers aren’t acquainted with the final piece of our collection of standing woodworking shops near me desks, KSK wood. This is a shame since it’s one of our most popular items because of its elegant deep Woods tone. Here’s some more information about this Kembang Semangkuk!

What exactly is KSK wood?

Although it’s not widely known among consumers, KSK isn’t as uncommon as you believe. It’s widely used by furniture designers and interior designers across SEA due to its flexibility.

It’s classified as the lightest hardwood of Malaysia it is known to be moderately to soft smooth as well as light and moderately heavy making it a breeze to work with for everything from furniture to finishing interiors such as paneling, cabinetry, and FixingExpert terrazzo floor covering.

KSK Wood Characteristics

KSK wood naturally has lighter yellow or light brown. We can get the deep wood tones of our KSK slabs with treatment and finishing. Which protects the Woods from pests and moisture. Note: Finishing is the primary factor that determines the hues. And shades you will get on every solid piece of wood. Contact our experts in wood when you’re in search of the perfect desk. With a certain shade that will suit your space.

In terms of their natural durability, custom woodworking near me KSK slabs are known to be moderately tough against fungal growth. However, it is vulnerable to small pests, which is the reason we apply an exclusive treatment to our slabs. One of the advantages in KSK Woods is the fact that it is easily treated. However, just like all solid timber, it’s crucial to take care of the condition of your KSK furniture. The scratch will be there, no matter what treatment you apply.

KSK Standing Desk

There you go A few points to keep in mind about KSK. Which is a less well-known kind of solid wood to customers. But extensively employed in the production of furniture and interior design, particularly across SEA.

Contact one of our experts in Woods if want to learn more details regarding. Our KSK range or if you’ve got other ideas

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