The Dangers of chemicals on Your skin.

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///Did you know that the sweet scent of your soap might be making you sick? Maybe your perfumed body lotion is probably stuffed with chemicals? Or your shaving gel could be making your skin condition worse?

Many of us are trained to study the ingredients list on our health, beauty and household products’ labels. (Learn more about it by reading the “Decoding your ingredients list” blog. …) But there’s one word on the list of ingredients that is easily overlooked even though it is one of the ingredients we ought to pay the greatest focus on.


Doesn’t sound too bad, does Goat milk soap it? Everyone enjoys nice-smelling fragranced things from time the time. However, when it comes to scents in your skin care and personal care products, there’s an huge stench.

Fragrance is a frequent ingredient in nearly all of the store-bought personal products for personal care. Unfortunately it is the case that the FDA does not require companies disclose the ingredients used to make the fragrances they use within their merchandise. This permits companies to keep the confidentiality of their “trade secrets” while using any chemicals they choose to use.

Cause irritation to the skin and cause irritations

Companies can also choose for them to “voluntary disclose” ingredients in their cosmetics and skincare products. “Fragrance” could mean any combination of more than 3000 chemicals, which includes the ones that are known to cause irritation to the skin and cause irritations, as well as headaches, respiratory issues as well as allergies. While some companies declare the ingredients, while keeping the percentage secret, most do not.

Tips:If fragrance ingredients are mentioned, you’ll typically come across words like fragrance parfum, eugenol as well as citronellol and limonene.

This voluntary disclosure opens an unintended loophole that permits companies to include any ingredient they like – harmful or not, into the product that they call “fragrance.” It’s something that we, as consumers, must be aware of.

Fragrance can cause more harm than just a skin rash

It is believed at approximately 1 percentage of the population is affected by fragrance allergies. This is roughly 2.5 million people. Fragrance allergies are the number one reason for cosmetic contact dermatitis in U.S. (Contact Dermatitis is the fancy term used to describe an itchy, red rash.) Contact dermatitis accounts for around 5.7 million visits to the doctor each year!

But that’s not necessarily the only issue. Fragrance can cause more harm than just a skin rash. People who are extremely sensitive to the chemical compounds used in the production of fragrances may experience more severe reactions, which include respiratory or neurological issues. Patients with skin-related inflammatory issues, such as eczema acne, psoriasis or rosacea can see their conditions worsen due to scents. The fragrances are also the main trigger of migraines.

More concerning The 2018 Women’s Voices for the Earth study found that of more than 3,000 chemicals that Goat milk lotion were reportedly used in fragrances, 1,242 were substances of concern. They included at the very least seven possible carcinogenic, or cancer-causing agents.

A report from the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners discovered. That fragrance chemicals comprise the majority of the chemicals associated. With adverse chronic health effects in personal care, beauty and cleaning products they examined.

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A Better Solution to Fragrances

Though it can feel as if you’re in the hands of the makers, you actually have the option of choosing. There’s a rising trend of companies developing products that don’t just use organic, non-toxic ingredients however. They also include ingredients that offer the therapeutic benefits.

We at Bend Soap Company, we have a great deal of pride and love to make products that nourish. And are suitable for all types of skin. When we want to give our products a boost of aromatherapy We choose top-quality natural fragrances and essential oils. Which are typically steam-distilled for the highest quality. Essential oils, concentrated liquids that are enriched with essential oils from plants. Are available in a range of scents, and all have distinctive aromatherapeutic properties.

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