10 tips to save money at Macys

  1. Macys stores will sell you the product at the price of the Macy’s website. com and make a coupon discount

Often the prices on Macys .com differ from those in the store. If you find an online product at a cheaper price, show this price to the seller at any checkout – they will sell you the product at this cost.

If you want to pay for a whole virtual basket of goods in the store for which you used a discount coupon, show the cashier the entire basket (from your phone or tablet) or name the coupon code – they will take it into account when selling in the store.

Macy’s does not accept competitor coupons.

  1. Use the Macys app to compare prices in-store and on Macy’s. com

Scan an item using the Macy’s mobile app to see the price of the item on the site. If it is lower than in the store, show it to the cashier from your phone, and they will sell you the goods at the price of the site.

  1. Macy’s will also sell you the item at a competitor’s price ( except Amazon and Costco )

Macy’s price-matching policy isn’t advertised loudly, but it’s simple and straightforward. Macy’s is ready to sell goods at the price of local stores and their websites. Stores that fall under this policy include Bloomingdales, Dillards, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Belk, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sears. Not eligible – Amazon, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, and eBay.

To buy an item at Macy’s at a competitor’s price, show the cashier an ad, website, or any other proof of the competitor’s price. A Macys .com customer service representative can also check the price over the phone.

Although Amazon is not included in this pricing policy, it’s still worth comparing Amazon and Macy’s prices using the Amazon mobile app so as not to overpay.

  1. Use Paribus for automatic price matching within 10 days of your Macys purchase. com

Macy’s allows customers to adjust the price of a purchased item within 10 days of purchase in the event that the item was later discounted.

Download the free Paribus app and you will be automatically informed about price changes. That is, you will not need to track the price of the purchased goods yourself. For example, you bought 2 towels for $16 and two for $10. 2 days after the purchase, they began to cost $ 3.90 cheaper. You may not pay attention to it, but Paribus will notice.

The app will send you a notification that they will email Macy’s asking you to refund the difference. The Paribus commission is 20% of the price difference. You get 80% and do absolutely nothing.

If you have iOS, download the Paribus mobile app from this link. If not, go to Paribus. co from any PC to register.

  1. The best way to save money (especially on household items) is Macy’s Rebates partial refund coupons

Each month, Macy’s publishes approximately 20 new partial refund coupons on Macys .com. The average refund amount is $20. It is recommended to use only those coupons that refund more than $5. Anything less is a waste of time and effort. But in general, the process is simple.

Very often, refund coupons coincide in time with product discounts. Another plus is that you can combine discount coupons and partial refund coupons! If you use a refund coupon, a discount coupon, and the actual discount in the store at the same time, you can get up to 70-80% of the benefit! The author of the article bought a $180 cast-iron baking dish for just $39, using all the coupons and discounts.

But you have to wait about a month for a refund. Once your refund has been processed, you will receive an email with a tracking number. With it, you will be able to check the status of the refund through this link at any time.

Important: You should apply for a refund of a portion of the coupon amount where you made the purchase – in the store if you bought in a store, or on the Macys .com website if you bought online. Even though the shapes are almost identical, this makes a big difference.

  1. Look for the biggest discounts in the Last Act section

Sections labeled Last Act can be found throughout the store. There is one such section in the department of men’s, women’s, children’s goods, shoes, and so on. Last Act Super Deals tend to run once a month, subject to stock availability.

  1. Yellow price tags ending in 6 are the last price

Items labeled with a yellow price tag are sold at the lowest possible price. It will stay that way until stock runs out. If the product you want to buy has such a price tag, there will be no more discounts for it.

  1. Blue price tags ending in 3 are the penultimate price

The blue price tag indicates the penultimate discount on the product. Such prices end in 3, and after them, there are only yellow price tags and final discounts. As a rule, these prices are in the range of 70% discount. Products with blue price tags will be discounted only 1 more time.

If you like to catch the biggest discount, then you can wait until the yellow price tag appears on this product. But if you like the product, don’t wait – it can be sold out before the next markdown.

  1. The prices on the white price tags in the Last Act section are actually lower than indicated

Products in the Last Act section with white price tags are not on sale for too long. This means that this is not yet the lowest possible price for these goods. It follows that…

  1. You need to scan the code to find out the real price of the product from the Last Act section with a white price tag

Prices for all products with a white price tag in the Last Act group, without exception, end in 3 or 6. If you see a white price tag in the Last Act, take the product and go to check the price. As a rule, a different price will appear when scanning. It is lower and also ends with 3 or 6. If not, then the product is not from the Last Act category and got there by accident.

(Even if you do not check the price, at the checkout such an item will break through cheaper than stated. This is just a tip for you to find out the price of the item in advance).


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