Look up fashion in TikTok then It’s time to download


Are you look up to fashion in Tiktok? Don’t know what to do with it? Download TikTok and it will disappear by itself. We have collected the best accounts of fashion houses and bloggers in case you are tired of endless online courses, workouts, and free books. After all, rest is also necessary, right?

Brittany ( Look up fashion in TikTok)

Brittany has one of the most followed fashion accounts in all of TikTok. She used to show preparation for the show at fashion weeks, and now she shoots home videos and repeats the street-style images of Hailey Bieber on her 13-year-old daughter. However, she persuaded her mother to download Tiktok as well – and now half a million subscribers are watching their family videos and style master classes.

The industry’s favorite designer uploads behind-the-scenes videos of his shows to introduce the team and share moments from his life. Here Simon jumps into the pool at his French villa, and there he gives an interview to Parisian Vogue. Subscribe to see even more sincere Simon. And even more Le Chiquito micro bags.

Selina Tiktoker

Selina lives in Amsterdam and loves to shop for clothes. At least that’s what it says on her profile. She wears vintage Chanel bags, second-hand silk scarves, and Juicy Couture velour suits. Her style is something between Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and Paris Hilton of the early 2000s. Selina proves that Nike sneakers can be combined with pastel cardigans and vintage Paris.

Camila’s Tiktoker

Camila’s account is the answer to the question of how fashion bloggers lived until 2020. Sponsored trips, hotel rooms with a view of the Eiffel Tower, and dresses are a thing of the past. Now Camila, like other bloggers, takes off her home routine with face masks and oversized clothing  – but it all still looks beautiful.

During quarantine, Amy shares her workdays at home, shows her favorite looks, and teaches how to wear snakeskin, pastel shades, and other spring trends. We hope that we will still have a chance to go further in them than in a supermarket. And if not, take a cue from Amy and go for buckwheat in images worthy of the red carpet. Or at least Instagram.


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